Mindful Morning Practice

Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, worried, frustrated, stuck or hopeless? As a mom, it’s easy to let the little struggles in life take over and bring you down. If you’re trying to start a spiritual practice, those little struggles can make you feel like a complete failure. There is always something to think about, mull over, replay, worry about, blow out of proportion, etc. Sometimes you wish you could just turn off your brain and be at peace.

I know just how that feels! I used to struggle with endless worrying and anxiety. My brain would fixate on meaningless things that had happened or could happen. I couldn’t get a moment of peace. I was forgetful, my relationships suffered, and I was constantly tired. When your brain is always running on overdrive, it uses up a lot of energy. All that brain power wasted on worrying could be channeled into much better use!

Don’t worry (no pun intended)! There is hope! I was able to develop a simple spiritual practice that fits into my busy mom schedule and you can do it too! Before even getting out of bed, I start my morning with a silent prayer of thanks for the new day and all the amazing things it will bring. Then, I get up, make a pot of coffee and go to a quiet place to meditate. I choose a meditation for the day, usually 10-15 minutes long. I then follow that with some stretching and a quick 10-20 minutes of exercise. A healthy breakfast adds the nutrients to fuel me all day and boosts my vibe even higher! If you make it a routine to practice this every morning, I guarantee you will be more mindful throughout the day! It may be difficult at first because your brain is used to ruling your life, and it won’t give up that position easily. But stick with it and you will be less anxious! Less anxiety means more energy for the things you want to do. Plus your memory will improve because your brain will have more room to focus on what’s important.

For a more in-depth look at incorporating a daily spiritual practice into your busy mom life with modifications for every mom situation, click here.

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