Get Inspired

Every single person on this earth is here right now for a purpose. I’ve asked myself, God, and the universe what my purpose is. I pray and meditate for divine guidance daily. It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day activities and drama. You lose sight of where you’re going. But I KNOW I’m not here to just go through the motions. I’m here to inspire, enlighten, guide, and empower others.

There are still days when I have a tough time finding inspiration and listening to guidance. I struggle with wondering if I’m making the right choice, or if that path is really the one I’m supposed to take. It’s hard to let go and trust. Especially when sometimes it feels like all the forces of the universe are working against you.

If you feel strongly about doing something, then do it! If you feel compelled to take a certain path, then take it! If there’s something that keeps showing up to you and you just can’t shake it, then embrace it! Trust that you are drawn to what you’re good at. Trust that divine guidance is showing you your purpose. It’s been there all along, you just have to be open to it.

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