Angry Girl

Have you ever noticed when you’re angry that anger likes to unpack and stay awhile?

When I first started my emotional freedom journey, and even before, I felt rooted in my anger. It was easy to be annoyed, frustrated and even angry at the littlest thing. And it felt comfortable. I’m still not sure why, but whenever I got angry I would hold on to that. I stewed on it and even resented the people that tried to make me feel better.

Was I crazy? I mean who actually wants to hold on to anger? That would be silly, right?! Well, in my research I’ve found that it happens more often than you’d think. There are all sorts of books and programs designed to help people let go of their anger. These things wouldn’t exist in such large volumes if there wasn’t a need.

If you’re struggling with holding on to anger, I want to help you. First, you need to know you’re not alone. Second, you should realize that you’re not crazy. And third, I want you to know that you can let it go!

Anger grows deep roots and will hold on for dear life! But with time and diligence you can release it. Start by asking divine guidance for assistance. A simple prayer each day will set you on the right path to continue releasing the anger that is seated so deeply inside. “Spirit Guide, thank you for showing me the path to my truth. Thank you for helping me release my anger and forgive those that have crossed me.”

Throughout the day come back to this prayer and use the following mantra to help keep you on the path. “Today I am releasing anger. I choose love instead.” Whenever you feel anger, annoyance, frustration, resentment or something similar, just repeat the mantra. Remember you’ve got this! Notice how you feel at the end of the day and journal about your experience.

When you hold onto anger, you’ve got less room for love. Let it go!

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