Money Woes

One of the first people to influence my personal transformation was Louise Hay. When I started my journey of self improvement, I had no idea where to start or who to turn to. Through a business acquaintance, I was “introduced” to Louise Hay. If you’re familiar with her work, you know she was a very positive person, always focused on the upside of things. I found that the way I felt, things I thought and believed, coincided with a lot of what she taught. It just made sense to me.

As with many things I have studied on my journey, there were “ah ha” moments and moments where I questioned what I was reading or hearing. One of the latter moments happened when Louise said I should thank my bills and be grateful for them. I was like, “Um yeah, that’s not happening.” I mean I really did want to make meaningful differences in my life, but be thankful for my bills? Who was she kidding? My bills were part of the problem, not the solution. On top of that, Abraham Hicks says you get what you focus on. Why do I want to focus on my bills? I don’t want more of them!

So you know what I did? I followed the rest of her advice, but did not become grateful for my bills. I didn’t see how that could help me at all. Do you know what happened? I grew, my attitude improved, and things began to change. My relationship with my husband improved, and my outlook on life improved. Heck, I even manifested a better job. Things were slowly falling into place, but I still felt stuck in one area of my life – my finances. The bills were still there and I still despised them. I had no love for the things that were sucking the money out of my bank account quicker than I could put it in. As far as my finances were concerned, nothing had changed.

Then, I tapped on it. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t the instant fix I was looking for. However, I did begin to feel better. I realized that Louise wasn’t full of crap and started being thankful for my bills. Actually, I started being thankful for everything that surrounds money in my life. Every time I fill up at the gas station or buy a pack of gum, I mindfully thank them and they money I spend on them. Tapping helped me get through the blocks that were keeping me from being grateful about my bills and everything I spend money on. I used to dread having one more thing to pay for, but now I thank the universe for it and for having the resources to pay for it. It really has helped with the overwhelm I felt surrounding our finances. While the bills are still there, I feel better about them and our situation.

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